Cultivation Room

Behparvar Sabalan Co. has a high-capacity cultivation chamber for mini-thiocultivation in the early stages of plant growth.


Behparvar Sabalan Company has a large greenhouse area of 4000 square meters and is fully equipped and modern and is used to produce mini-Thioon.

Sprinkler irrigation

Farm lands in maintaining the traditional system of irrigation capacity by sprinkler and drip irrigation system, which can height product quality and increase production rate.


This complex is equipped with a high-quality Pilar Cutter generator device to produce power in an emergency, which can provide a long time without interruption of the required set power.


Behparvar Sabalan Company has a capacity of 60 tons, which is an important advantage for the company due to its proximity to the customs.

Gas two-pound

The complex has two pound gas compresses, which, in addition to eliminating the existing needs of the heaters, and so on, can provide the company with the development of various fields.

Deep well

The farm has a well-depth of 60 meters and Dubai is about 30 liters per second for water supply, agricultural and greenhouse lands and laboratory.

Strategic location

Behparvar Sabalan Co. has a special strategic موقیعتی, because on the other hand, on the airport and on the other hand, in the customs of Ardebil, it is anticipated that soon the Ardebil railway station is constructed in the near-house.